Combining Passion For Cars & Raising Money For Children’s Charities

August 3, 2019

Valhalla Angels member, Glenn Y, combined his passion for cars and raising money for children at the Okanagan Dream Rally in Kelowna. “What a fantastic day! My Co-pilot was a car freak and loved the drive. It was a great event for all those involved. I look forward to attending the event again next year …

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Team Bonding and Planning for Next Year

August 2, 2019

The Valhalla Angels team had a great session in Sylvan Lake at the end of July, bringing the team together in person to plan for the coming year. We are excited about the opportunities we have for the balance of 2019 and into 2020. We look forward to meeting new people in the startup community, …

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Scootering in YYC

July 26, 2019

Valhalla’s Randy Thompson and Rod Brown took the new Bird Scooters for a test drive.  Happy to report no injuries were incurred. Apparently emergency room visits are up due to scooter injuries…if you try one out, scooter with care.

Kelowna Members Celebrate Summer

July 17, 2019

Valhalla Angels Kelowna members celebrated summer in the Okanagan. Thank to everyone who attended. We even had a few Alberta faces in the crowd.  Can you spot them?  Thank you to Sue & Grant Lawrence for their hospitality and sharing their home. It was a great evening in a perfect setting. Did you spot Danny …

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Fun Times at the Stampede Party

July 17, 2019

A great time was had by all. So great to see so many members in attendance. Thanks to those that travelled to attend!

A Conversation on Angel Investing with Luke Kruger

July 16, 2019

Listen to the converstation with Luke Krueger on angel investing. Luke is one of Valhalla Private Capital co-founders and Valhalla Angels Chapter President for Calgary and Vancouver . The episode is hosted by Peter Beaudoin.  Join us for Rainforest Alberta’s Leaders, Innovators & Big Ideas, LIBI, podcast. Listen to the episode and learn more about Valhalla Private Captial, Valhalla Angels and how to learn more …

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NACO’s World Angel Investment Summit Total Recap.

June 21, 2019

Thank you to the team at NACO for providing such a comprehensive recap of the Summit held in Calgary earlier in June.  Valhalla Angels was thrilled to host the world during the event.

Two Birds Furniture Creates A Masterpiece at the Valhalla Office

June 4, 2019

Two Birds Furniture is a Canadian owned business that was established in 2013 by Clint and Robyn Pigeon. Both Clint and Robyn were raised in rural Alberta, developing an understanding of the importance of hard work and a quality product. Being active within the local community and having an appreciation for Alberta’s heritage sparked an initiative …

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May 30, 2019

Fred Wilson wrote a post today about not using convertible notes if your a founder starting an investment round. The post can be found here on his Medium site and you need to read it if you are thinking about the difference between using a Convertible Note or doing a Priced Round, i.e. doing a n …


MEMBER PROFILE: Warren and Pam MacPhee

May 1, 2019

Warren and Pam MacPhee are a husband-wife entrepreneurial power couple, with their skill s combining to cover all sides of their multiple business ventures. They met in business school at the University of Alberta, where Pam was studying marketing and Warren HR and management. Both of them grew up in households built around family-owned small …