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Congratulations on your upcoming pitch at our VA Angels Forums. This page will provide you with everything you need to plan out, prepare for and arrive at your upcoming forum so you may want to bookmark it.

With VA Angles you have access to one of Canada’s leading investment groups.
With over 130+ members consisting of accredited high net worth individuals who are interested in angel investments and individuals with experience in building out early stage companies.

Please also see at the bottom of this page some downloadable manuals and resources for you to best prepare for your upcoming pitch.

Local Forum Information

VA Angels Forum Checklist

Preparing for the Forum

  • Confirm the chapters you wish to pitch ASAP after deal screening to secure your preferred spots to Kristina Milke ( or Ryan Heit
  • Review the forum schedule from the city drop down menu below which contains all the dates, times and locations for all VA Angel forums
  • Review the Entrepreneur’s Handbook, refer to the link below
  • Review presenter’s package which includes required company information, examples of completed forms and templates – NEED another link to the sample forms
  • Provide the following as soon as possible
    • Brief Company Description (50-75 words)
    • Company logo – jpeg format
  • Provide the following forum documents for the chapter forum package by (link to document with reminder of timeline)
    • Fact Sheet: template included in presenter package
    • Executive Summary:
      • 1-2 page overview of your company -You can turn your fact sheet into an executive summary
    • Financials:
      • Proforma for 3 or 5 years
      • “quick view” simplified version that fits on 1-2 pages
  • Fine tune your 10 minute presentation based on deal screening feedback (have your presentation on a USB or your laptop available, based on chapter requirements
  • Review MemberHub Manual, please refer to the link below
  • Receive presenter access to MemberHub
  • Pay presentation invoice by Friday or prior to your first presentation
  • Practice your pitch
  • Post Forum

    • Receive Gold Sheet & feedback forms 24-48 hours after pitch
    • egin Due Diligence process and follow-up with the members via MemberHub and direct contact, refer to due diligence document (to be created)
    • NOTE: Please send all requested information or if you should have any questions on forum preparation please contact Heather Pontikes at
    • Timeline

      First pitch is in:

    • Edmonton, Calgary or Kelowna: Information due by 9 am on the Monday prior to the forum
    • Phoenix, Winnipeg, Medicine Hat or Prince George: Information due 9 am 3 business days prior to the pitch
    • Note: we go to print for the forum packages just after the deadlines stated, therefore if you miss the deadline your information will not be included in the forum package. Thank you in advance for adhering to the deadline.


General Questions