G2V Optics

About G2V Optics

  • Founded: May 2015
  • Founders: Michael Taschuk, Ryan Tucker
  • Industries: Biotech
  • Website: g2voptics.com
  • Pitch:

G2V has commercialized "engineered sunlight" to help researchers & growers increase the yield and nutrition of crops.

G2V Optics Company Overview


Climate change and population growth will leave 3 billion people without food by 2050. Food production and nutrition must improve by 70% while reducing water and land use.


We make "Engineered Sunlight" (TM): a combination of lighting and monitoring hardware with software control and data science. By linking desireable lighting and plant photobiology, we can greatly enhance crop yield and nutritional value.


G2V continues to close sales to commercial horticulture operators (TAM USD 2.5B) and academic & industrial R&D (TAM USD 250M). The majority of customers have found us through our digital marketing and business development.


We currently make money from direct sales of intelligent hardware/software systems. We are negotiating deals on "lighting-as-a-service" subscription model.