About Cribcut

  • Founded: Oct 2017
  • Founders: Blair Ryan, David Howe, Kiran Sachdev
  • Industries: Retail
  • Website:
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We provide haircuts and styling to millennials at their workplace for less than they pay in the salon.

Company Overview


Consumers currently have two bad options for their hair appointments: a trendy salon/barbershop or a discount hairdresser. The trendy salon is costly and booking months out and the discount hairdresser is inconvenient and inconsistent quality.


Cribcut provides hair appointments - at your workplace - for less expensive than the salon. We're providing customers a fundamentally better way to get your hair done: both more conveniently and less expensive.


Our client is a millennial office worker who values convenience and work/life balance. We reach this client by partnering with companies and co-working spaces to provide hair services directly on-site at the workplace.


One Cribcut partner grosses an average of $2500/year in appointment revenue. Cribcut charges clients $25 per appointment and receives an average of 8 clients per visit. Cribcut pays stylists a flat fee to service these clients as a contractor.