Box of Docs

About Box of Docs

  • Founded: Oct 2017
  • Founders: Derrick Koenig
  • Industries: Technology
  • Website:
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BoxOfDocs is an online document library that allows employees stay on top of the latest best practices in their sector.

Company Overview


BoxOfDocs is a Sector Content Management (SCM) platform that provides millions of global sample documents for employees in non-competitive sectors who need to quickly and efficiently answer the question “What have others in my sector done?”.


Unlike Google search, BoxOfDocs provides a curated library with sector-specific search/filter capabilities to facilitate fast and efficient research; 8 hours of research completed in 5 minutes or less!


The BoxOfDocs has been validated with 80 Canadian municipalities across 8 provinces, names like Town of Cochrane and City of Grand Prairie. These have been obtained through direct sales. We currently have 30 paying customers plus 50 on trial.


We are a SaaS business with both individual and enterprise subscriptions.