About Beatdapp

  • Founded: December 2018
  • Founders: Andrew Batey, Morgan Hayduk, Pouria Assadipour
  • Industries: Technology, Music and Entertainment
  • Website:
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Beatdapp is a B2B SaaS that helps music labels and artists track their songs and collect royalties.

Company Overview


$4B in music royalties goes missing or uncollected annually. 25% of music streaming is unlicensed. The industry lacks trust or a centralized database for rights management.


We've made an enterprise SaaS solution to track IP ownership and usage for music labels. To maintain a trustless system, we've created a custom and proprietary blockchain system to track ownership and usage of songs.


Our customers are large labels, publishers, or popular independent artists. We're using our industry relationships and strategic partner to facilitate introductions and cut through the red tape.


First, Enterprise SaaS Fee set at 10% of the estimated incremental value created. Second, from the float on royalties collected (Float 60 days, 2% annual via treasury and commercial paper). Third, expansion sales for artist data analytics.