PUMA’s new New York City Flagship Store Features Four iMirrors!

Customized Studio and tech-driven engagement zones provide consumers a shopping experience unlike anything they’ve seen before.

PUMA opens the doors to its first-ever North American flagship store today, located at 609 Fifth Avenue in New York City. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and products, the store showcases an immersive PUMA brand space—offering consumers a unique shopping experience through innovative sports engagement zones, a customization studio and digitally connected offerings. The store features 18,000 square feet of interactive retail space spanning two floors, with state-of-the-art double-height storefronts across 160 feet of wraparound frontage. 

  • Within PUMA’s new store, customers can view products in alternate colors and styles through iMirror by NOBAL placed throughout the store. Mirror allows RFID product to bring up alternative selections based on the item the consumer tries on. In addition, consumers can press a button to notify an associate they need help at the mirror and sign up for in-store events.
  • Consumers can kick back and enjoy the stadium seating and large screen NBA2K gaming experience in the basketball zone as well. The basketball zone is also going to feature state-of-the-art technology including QR codes located on all products.

Nobal Technologies: http://www.nobal.ca/

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