Cribcut rebrands as Bright, launches new virtual and on-site amenities for in-office and WFH teams

Halifax-based startup, Cribcut, has announced a July 2020 rebrand. Established in 2017, the company began as a hair service provider. Now called Bright, the company has launched a workplace well-being program with solutions for both in-office and work-from-home employees. Bright’s expanded offering includes beauty amenities as well as an array of well-being services that can be accessed both on-site and virtually.

With US$1.2 million raised to date, Bright will be focused on the growth of their well-being programming, and continuing to grow their business and technology team in Halifax, as well as their service provider roster across the US and Canada. The rebrand and service expansion began in April, just before hair and beauty services were suspended due to COVID-19.

“We surveyed and interviewed thousands of clients and hundreds of companies — what we learned was that the clients yearned for more than hair services, and our partners wanted to be able to offer more amenities to their team, but didn’t want to deal with individual vendors for each,” said Bright co-founder and CEO, David Howe.

The challenges that are solved by Bright’s new programs include keeping remote teams well and engaged, boosting productivity of employees everywhere, and offering companies a suite of amenities they can use in retention and attraction of employees.

Teams using Bright amenities include co-working spaces such as WeWork and Industrious, large established companies such as Thomson Reuters and Target, as well as a number of hospitals and commercial real estate companies across their eleven markets.

“Some of our customers are using the full suite of services and amenities we offer. Others, like Mattel for instance, don’t need our cooking classes or our fitness sessions because they have chefs and trainers on staff. We are still able to create a program that works for them, and what we love is that we can help any company offer the perks that a renowned company such as Mattel can,” said Howe.

The new branding represents change. Bright is evolving because the world around is changing — COVID-19 has given Bright the determination to explore opportunities focused on solutions that recognize self-care as a priority, not a luxury.

“In our current disrupted climate, we found that our own team was struggling with the new realities of working remotely. We set out to find virtual solutions to keep people engaged. It wasn’t easy, and found that most existing solutions consisted of pre-recorded programming or prohibitively-expensive live sessions. It became obvious that the vast majority of our partners were experiencing the same challenges. Our conclusion was that we could fill a gap if we offered a range of live solutions at a price-point that was accessible for any size team. And so we did just that; Bright subscribers have access to 3,000+ live classes per month at less than the cost of a single lunch,” said Howe.

The official launch of the new brand and services is taking place between July 7th and 10th with what the company is calling Bright Week; a celebration of well-being with unlimited free access to all of Bright’s virtual fitness, yoga, and nutrition classes. These sessions will include “learn how to run” classes with Olympic runner, Geoff Harris, as well as “learn how to cook” classes with elite personal chef and former chef for Chicago Cubs, Rick Paniagua, and several keynotes by celebrated speakers on topics such as avoiding burnout, organizing one’s office, injecting gratitude into the workplace, and (re)learning telephone and video call etiquette.

About Bright:
Bright is a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based startup that offers a combination of on-site and virtual services that help engage all types of employees and team members of the workplace. On-site offerings include hair, nails, dry cleaning, and massage. Virtual services include mindfulness, nutrition, yoga, and various fitness classes. Bright meets you where you are, delivering bold ambition and relentless dedication to getting more life done at work. For more information, visit

About Bright Week:
A week-long celebration July 7-10, with 40+ free, live virtual sessions open to all. To register, visit