Start-Up TNT Investment Summit a Huge Success – Edmonton

Congratulations to all those companies that participated in the Startup TNT investment summit. A BIG thank you to all the investors and audience members for their support throughout the process. Last but not least a THANK YOU to Zach Storms for your tireless energy and Valhalla’s Ryan Heit for leading the group on their investment journey.

Photo: Startup TNT founder Zachary Storms, DrugBank CEO Michael Wilson, and DrugBank CTO Craig Knox Photo by Chris Onciul, Innovate Edmonton

RECAP of Event by Zach Storms, Startup TNT

Summit Success! $225,000 invested in 3 companies

Entrepreneurs came ready to play.  They delivered incredible pitches that captivated the audience and won over the hearts, minds and wallets of the investors.  We are delighted to announce 3 companies are receiving investment from the Startup TNT Investment Team. 

Mission accomplished Edmonton Entrepreneurs!

DrugBank wins the $125,000 prize.  Founded by two guys that spent two years trying to build a completely different business before reevaluating their path forward, DrugBank has been quietly developing the most used drug information resource in the world.  The Startup TNT Investment Team is proud to be the first major local investor in what could become an iconic Edmonton brand in the pharmaceutical world.  

Future Fields and 2SWater each raise $50,000.
Investors were so impressed with the entrepreneurs in the room that they committed an additional $50,000 to both Future Fields, a cellular agriculture company whose technology platform addresses the biggest economic hurdle to cultured meat, and 2Swater, water company whose real-time detection platform thas massive potential in industrial and municipal settings.  

Stay tuned!  Side deal conversations are on-going.  We believe these investments are only the beginning and we look forward to updating the community as more investment dollars are raised by the summit participants.  

Meet the Finalists

  • 2S Water is commercializing a real-time sensor platform set to disrupt environmental monitoring of industrial wastewater.
  • Drugbank curates millions of unstructured data points into a highly structured library containing the ENTIRE scientific community’s knowledge about drugs.
  • Future Fields has developed a low-cost growth medium that makes cellular agriculture economically viable. Next stop: lab-cultured meat!
  • Nanolog Audio is using quantum physics to make the audio experience on your phone as mind blowing as the best live concert you’ve ever been to.
  • Renovation Find vets, monitors, and certifies contractors through an online platform that connects home-owners to the most trusted renovators in their area.