BioAlberta Recognizes Alberta Innovators and Entrepreneurs at 2019 Awards Gala

What a beautiful evening celebrating BioAlberta’s 20th anniversary Gala. Congratulations to Metabolomic Technologies and Matt Coffey, CEO of one of Valhalla Angels early #PortfolioCompany Oncolytics Biotech.

The evening included, a beautiful tribute to Dr. Richard Fedorak who was inducted posthoumous into Alberta Bioindustry Hall of Fame by @Bioalberta last night. The award was graciously accepted by his wife, Dr. Karen Grimsrud who recieved a standing ovation.

In addition, Dr. Jacqueline Shan was also inducted in to the Hall of Fame for her passion and dedication to lifescience over the last 30+ years.


EDMONTON, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BioAlberta, the province’s life sciences industry association, recognized several leaders for their innovation and achievements at its annual awards gala at the Westin Edmonton. BioAlberta congratulated Metabolomic Technologies Inc. for winning its Company of the Year award and Dr. Matt Coffey for winning its Scientific Achievement and Innovation Award. Drs. Jacqueline Shan and Richard Fedorak were also inducted into the Alberta Bioindustry Hall of Fame.

“We commend Metabolomic Technologies Inc. and Matt Coffey for their exceptional achievements in life sciences”

The Company of the Year award is presented to a company that has shown significant achievement within the marketplace and Alberta’s business community through strong performance or a leadership role. Based in Edmonton, Metabolomic Technologies Inc. is an up and coming health diagnostic company that has recently developed a urine test, PolypDxTM, that detects both colorectal cancer and its precursor condition. The company has received a U.S. patent for the test and has licensed its technology for commercial use in diagnostic laboratories across North America.

The Scientific Achievement and Innovation award recognizes an individual or a team responsible for a breakthrough innovation with commercial application. Winner of the award is Dr. Matt Coffey, President and CEO of Oncolytics Biotech. He is an experienced biotech executive and scientist specializing in development of drugs to treat cancer that use a patient’s own immune system.

The Alberta Bioindustry Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made extensive and tangible contributions to the Alberta life sciences community. This honour is not awarded every year but rather on a selection basis. Inductees at the 2019 gala included Dr. Jacqueline Shan, President and CEO of Polar Bear Genome BioPharma Canada Corp. and Natural Rf Life Science, and, posthumously, Dr. Richard Fedorak, Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta. Dr. Shan has led the way in bringing natural medicine into the mainstream. Dr. Fedorak was known for his administrative leadership and entrepreneurship, and was an internationally respected scholar.

“We commend Metabolomic Technologies Inc. and Matt Coffey for their exceptional achievements in life sciences,” said Mel Wong, President and CEO of BioAlberta. “We also celebrate the induction of Drs. Jacqueline Shan and Richard Fedorak in the Alberta Bioindustry Hall of Fame. Alberta’s life sciences industry is maturing and these award winners exemplify Alberta’s capacity for global impact.” The awards gala is part of BioAlberta’s Annual AGM, Awards Gala and Industry Showcase, the association’s signature event and was financially support by many generous event sponsors. It was attended in 2019 by more than 220 representatives from industry, investment community, government and innovation support organizations. The event highlights outstanding innovation and business advancements in Alberta’s vibrant health and life sciences industry. In 2019, this industry comprised more than 300 organizations and was responsible for more than $1 billion in annual revenues and 15,000 direct and indirect jobs.

BioAlberta is the leading voice and champion for life sciences in Alberta. The association’s vision is to create a thriving and competitive life sciences industry to facilitate and accelerate economic diversification, investment attraction and job growth in Alberta. BioAlberta is a private, not-for-profit industry association, representing more than 160 members of Alberta’s steadily growing life sciences community of researchers, producers and suppliers. These members operate in specialized sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, natural health products, as well as environmental, agricultural and industrial biotechnology. BioAlberta’s activities are focused on advocacy, promotion and proactively facilitating growth of the industry.


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