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Congratulations to memory KPR for winning the Valhalla Investment Summit! Thank you to all the investors and companies that participated.

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This isn’t a pitch competition; it’s a deal screening process. The Valhalla Investment Summit gives companies a chance to receive $100,000+ in seed funding. Participants receive training on how to improve their pitches and gain access to a network of peers and investors.

Applications are now closed. 

Support our top 20 companies while they pitch to our investors on Feb 4th and Feb 11th.


The Valhalla Investment Summit Saskatchewan provides a fun, approachable way to become an angel investor. A group of ~30 investors — some seasoned, some investing for the first time — each contribute $5,000 to a fund and work together to conduct due diligence, while learning best practices from local angel groups, seed funds and early-stage VC funds.

Kick-off meeting is January 28th


The Valhalla Investment Summit is dedicated to improving access to early-stage capital by increasing the pool of professional early-stage investors, educating entrepreneurs and facilitating lasting relationships between both parties. We’re looking for sponsors who share our passion for building a better innovation ecosystem.

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