Valhalla Investment Summit

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MARCH 18 2021

We’re raising $100,000+ for a local Saskatchewan based company, while also training new investors to become confident angels.


Deadline to apply is January 26th, 2021

Why Valhalla?

Founded in 2003 and grown organically, we are a full-service corporate finance firm dedicated to meet the entire lifecycle needs of both businesses and investors across the globe.

Valhalla Private Capital's Valla Angels is a community of Canada’s top angel investors. We have formed a diligent screening process to ensure that you see only the best deals at our forum. We provide constructive guidance to all startups that apply and to those that pitch to our members, as we wish to see our innovative communities grow and succeed. In addition, membership provides an excellent networking opportunity with other like minded investors as well as education and support for those new to angel investing.


This isn’t a pitch competition; it’s a deal screening process. The Valhalla Investment Summit gives companies a chance to receive $100,000+ in seed funding. Participants receive training on how to improve their pitches and gain access to a network of peers and investors.

Applications close January 26th, 2021


The Valhalla Investment Summit Saskatchewan provides a fun, approachable way to become an angel investor. A group of ~30 investors — some seasoned, some investing for the first time — each contribute $5,000 to a fund and work together to conduct due diligence, while learning best practices from local angel groups, seed funds and early-stage VC funds.


The Valhalla Investment Summit is dedicated to improving access to early-stage capital by increasing the pool of professional early-stage investors, educating entrepreneurs and facilitating lasting relationships between both parties. We’re looking for sponsors who share our passion for building a better innovation ecosystem.

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