Valhalla Founder Basecamp

What is Valhalla Founder Basecamp?

Valhalla Founder BaseCamp has historically been a two-day, exclusive interactive investment seminar + pitch night for founders. Now we are bringing our world renowned program live to the comforts of your own home through 4x 2 hours sessions.

Valhalla Founder BaseCamp has been delivered to over 1200 founders worldwide in more than 15 countries across North America, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

An experienced investor/founder from the Valhalla Private Capital team will walk founders through the ins and outs of raising capital while providing insight from the investor perspective about how to effectively pitch business opportunities.

Valhalla BaseCamp is for founders’ building and growing their business, actively seeking capital or considering it in the near future.

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Valhalla Pitch Night

Virtual E-Pitch Night

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Are you an accelerators, incubators, angel groups, universities, colleges and other organizations looking to bring our world renowned program live to the comforts of founders' homes through 4 exclusive sessions running 2 hours each?

It's More than Just Pitching Your Business to Investors


  • Identify what kind of founder they are
  • Learn what investors are looking for when investing into a company and what they need to pique interest
  • Understand and articulate key aspects of their business through their business model and scalability of the business
  • Discuss types of deals and how to structure a mutually beneficially deal
  • Build out a pitch deck and practice how to ask for capital.


  • The problem being solved
  • Customer profile and market opportunity
  • Competitive analysis
  • How is the business protected?
  • The team
  • Valuation and deal structure

Receive Valuable Insight and Feedback from the Angel Investor Perspective!




Founders Will Get Exclusive Opportunities To:

  • Talk directly with real angel investors about what they look for in an investment, and learn how each investor is different
  • Form connections with influencers and active investors in the community
  • Create an Investor Deck and present to angel investors
  • Apply what you learned about raising capital and pitch your company to investors for feedback

To conclude the weekend, founders will have the opportunity to pitch to a distinguished panel of investors and community influencers and receive feedback.

Founder BaseCamp Schedules

Founder 4x 2 Hour Session BaseCamp Schedule

Session 1:

  • How to build a capital strategy
  • How to build an exit strategy and who needs one
  • Valuation for early stage companies
  • Investor perspective on the above

Note: may not be delivered in this order.

Session 2:

  • What is a cap table
  • Exit waterfall
  • Deal structure, term sheets, negotiations & due diligence
  • Investor class and investor relations

Session 3:

  • How to do customer discovery and validate your idea
  • Getting to product market fit
  • Impact of market context on valuation

Session 4:

  • Pitching, pitch decks-storytelling
  • Company corporate governance
  • Mentors and advisors
  • Raising capital review

PLUS: E-Pitch Night to follow

Founder 2-Day BaseCamp Schedule

Day 1:


  • Welcome & Introductions Quick Pitch Introductions – Group
  • Should You Really Do This?
  • What Do Your Customers Think?
  • Building Teams
  • The Prototype Stage


  • Checking Back With Your Customers
  • Building a Business on 3 Lines
  • The Business Model
  • Building Teams
  • Financing

Day 2:


  • Think Like An Investor
  • “The Six Points”


  • Building a Cap Table and A Share Structure
  • Creating an Investor Package
  • Valuations and Deal Structures
  • Understanding Exits and Investor Math

Note: may not be delivered in this order

Day 3: Pub and Pitch Night

This is your opportunity to put what you learned into action in front of a room full of investors and get valuable feedback.

Founder Testimonials

"The Valhalla BaseCamp provides invaluable information from seasoned entrepreneurs who have become investors. They provide an investor lens to help us formulate a killer pitch; and stats-driven feedback to manage our own expectations around fundraising and dilution. I recommend this to any start-up at any stage of their journey, and wish I'd taken this a year ago."

—Melanie McClare, P.Eng, MBA & CEO Swirltex

BaseCamp was an amazing investment for me to make as I was right in the middle of raising our first seed round. With all the guidance from the Valhalla Team I can say with confidence he helped me retain more equity in my company while we were raising capital with a deal structure that made everyone happy.

— Derek Rucki, Founder of TLink Golf Inc.

BaseCamp was one of the most valuable things I did for my startup. In two days I learnt more than I did in the last two years of my degree. I was able to apply what I learnt immediately and felt more comfortable claiming value on what I had built.

— Mandy Balak, Founder & CEO of It’s Date Night & BRANDED

"If you're pursuing entrepreneurship, you already know how many hats you have to wear. Moreover, sometimes you don't know that you don't know something. In my case, I had no knowledge of how raising money worked and frankly was terribly unprepared for my upcoming pitch. I learned that if you're a boring and shitty person, that's a no-go off the bat. So I got to harness and leverage my story to drive passion into my business, while learning how to evaluate my company. Equity is valuable now and I only want people joining the team who see the vision. Don't underestimate the value of a 48 hour course. Basecamp is epic."

— George Visan, Founder of Sprout

"BaseCamp made a significant difference in how I communicate about my company to investors. Previous to taking the program, I was stuck in the weeds around what the business value of the technology that I had developed.

Thanks to the Valhalla Team and the amazing group of companies that were assembled, I was able to hone my message and get clear, critical feedback on what my company’s value is."

— Gena Rotstein, Founder & CEO of Dexterity Ventures Inc. & Place2Give

Host Organization Testimonials

"As a startup accelerator in Canada with first-hand experience going through some of the best incubators in Silicon Valley, we've noticed a huge gap in the knowledge needed to raise your first round. To fill this gap we bring in the Valhalla Angels to give our entrepreneurs superpowers through their Founder Basecamp. We've been putting our cohorts through the Founder Basecamp since 2017, with 60+ startups attending.  Valhalla's Founder Basecamp is an important part of our program, and we look forward to it every time.Stepping inside the shoes of an investor during the Valhalla Founder Basecamp gives our founders insights into building a longer term, multiple-raise, capital plan and an understanding of how the different options and decisions they take will impact them going forward in areas such as the cap table and exit waterfall."  

- Pieter Boekhoff, Director and Co-Founder of The Accelerator.

"From the first time we spoke, I knew Luke and the Valhalla team would be the perfect answer to our complex ask of preparing multiple companies at different stages for pre-seed, bridge and seed rounds. The curriculum covered so much of what founders miss when thinking about fundraising and provides actionable insights to prepare them to be strategic about capital, how to tell a compelling story to different types of funders and what information to have prepared to reduce the funders time to make a decision. The feedback was a resounding "Amazing!" Founders that had already raised seven figures to founders looking to be prepared for their very first ask - everyone walked away with significant insights they could action in the now with deals coming together no doubt due to lessons learned. We are very excited to have Luke and Valhalla back again with future cohorts."

—Anita Sutton, Senior Business Advisor of techalliance

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