Valhalla Angel Investor Forums

What is a Valhalla Angel Investor Forum?

If you’re a founder in the startup space and looking to raise capital, then landing a spot at the Valhalla Angel’s Forum is the ideal place for you. The forum provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to accredited angel investors. Forums take place the second week of each month in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna and Vancouver.

To participate in the Valhalla Angels forum a company must pass Deal Screening. To participate in deal screening, founders must submit an application, provided below, and then submit a Pitchdeck or PowerPoint presentation, financials overview, and a factsheet to the deal screening committee. If the initial screening committee, lead by Kristina Milke, President of Valhalla Angels, feels you are ready, you will proceed to the formal deal screening where you will be evaluated further by a group of Valhalla Angels members who volunteer their time to assist in the process. The committee will provide feedback to each company and if the committee feels you are ready you will proceed to the forum. A $300 fee plus GST is attributed to the Deal Screening process.

At the Forum each founder will have an opportunity to give a 10-minute pitch to the accredited Valhalla Angels Members. This is followed by an 8-minute question and answer period. For this pitch company factsheet, executive summary, financials and final presentation must be submitted a week beforehand.

After presenting, the founders will be asked to leave the room while the members have an open discussion regarding the positives and constructives of each proposal. Within 72 hours, the entrepreneurs will receive Gold Sheet results, which identifies if or how the members would like to assist in developing the business. Feedback from the candid members’ discussion and the Valhalla Angels team will also be provided. This will give the presenting companies the opportunity to follow-up on all of the leads that have been generated from the forum.

How Much Does it Cost to Pitch at the Valhalla Angel Forum?

Step 1 - Prepare to Pitch and complete the Deal Screening Process

Secure Your deal screening spot and receive crucial pitch feedback.
Price: $300 + GST

Step 2 - Select When and Where to Pitch

Pitch at all of the Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, and Vancouver monthly scheduled forums or select specific cities to pitch.
Price: $600 for one city or $1200 for all 4 chapters + GST

Breaking Down the Pitch

Interested in Valhalla Deal Screating or Pitching to our Angel Forum as a founder? Have a listen of this video for some key tips provided by Kristina Milke, President of Valhalla Angels.

Video Credit: Video resented by Aston Addison and povided by the Reuters Insider Financial Network and CryptoCoinShow.