Why consider Valhalla Angels for financing?

Valhalla Angels provides a mechanism for founders and companies to find additional capital through our membership of accredited angel investors.

While in the beginning, friends and family and your credit cards are likely to be your first investors, even the most promising businesses will require additional capital to achieve the next level of growth. Finding this capital can be difficult since most traditional funding sources consider startup or smaller businesses too risky. And whereas Venture Capitalists rarely invest in very early­stage companies, angel investors will often mentor you as an early­stage founder before they decide to invest in your company.

By doing this, angel investors can assist in shaping the new company before they give you the cash flow injection you need. Having ‘skin in the game’ encourages Valhalla Angels to help out in ways an institution simply cannot, which can be the crucial difference between success and failure for an early stage company. With an angel, not only do you end up with an investor who is comfortable with your risk, you get an investor who is going to help drive you to revenue as quickly as possible.

Three Ways Valhalla Angels Can Help You

1. Access to Capital

Our members have the financial means along with extensive investment and business experience as well as a willingness to invest in promising companies.

2. Experience and Network

With their extensive investment and operational business experience, our members can not only contribute capital, but can also contribute their knowledge and their contacts to help grow your business.

3. Effective Process

We have a well-established, effective and efficient process for entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital.

Valhalla Angels Fast Facts

Founders that present to Valhalla Angels have a 1­ in ­4 chance of raising capital

Of the over 350 companies which have pitched to Valhalla Angels over the past 16 years, an impressive 62% are still operating today. Compare this to recent studies that show only 35% of start­ups survive until age 10 and only 37% of information technology start­ups survive past four years.

Valhalla Angels’ geographically agnostic mandate provides a great platform for any founders doing an angel roadshow.

How the Process Works

Prior to presenting to investors at a Valhalla Angels Forum, founders must participate in an Initial Screening Process and then Deal Screening before advancing.

Stage 1


  • Companies apply online
  • Deal screeners performs an initial screen based on company application.
  • Some companies do not advance
  • Some companies require coaching and will be referred to Valhalla Angels Basecamp or other appropriate groups
  • Some companies advance to the next stage of the Valhalla Angels process

Stage 2


  • Companies present their deal and business to Select Valhalla Angels members, this stage may require two rounds. Note: presentations should be a maximum of 10 minutes
  • Some companies do not advance
  • Some companies are invited to our forums
  • Select the chapter forums that your company would like to present: Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, and Vancouver
  • Forum Preparation*
  • Valhalla Angels members (those who attended the initial screen) provide guidance and feedback on attending the forum
  • Companies are given access to our members-only, online communication tool, Startup Includer, to post documents, such as Factsheet, Executive Summary, Financials and Final Presentation before the forum

*Note: Dates, location of forums as well as templates and additional information is provided to those companies in preparation for the forum presentation.

Deal Screening Fee: $300 + GST

Stage 3


  • Companies present at selected forums
  • Following the presentation, members may sign your Goldsheet indicating the type of participation they are interested in pursuing.

Forum Presentation Fee: $600 for 1 city and $1200 for 2-4 cities

Stage 4


  • For more information on the forum and fee structure (link to forum section)
  • Forum feedback and Goldsheet signups are posted to the company profile on our members only online platform
  • All Valhalla Angels members, from appropriate chapters, have access to company documents, feedback, and Goldsheets
  • Companies address feedback by providing supplemental documents
  • Companies schedule conference call with all interested parties
  • All Valhalla Angels Members can add to and modify Goldsheet
  • Companies reach out to Goldsheet signups
  • Companies can provide ongoing updates through the online platform

Tacit Non-Disclosure Agreement

Members must use the information they gain at forums solely for their own benefit and must not share this information with other parties. Participation in a Valhalla Angels forum acts as a tacit non-disclosure agreement. If a member wants further information from a presenting company, the company may require that member to sign a separate non-disclosure agreement. This will not occur prior to the due diligence stage of our process.

Some angels invest in pre-revenue companies, yet prefer to work with seed fund deals when the product or service has been established. A few banks and VC funds specialize in seed and early stage deals, yet these are limited and the firms are very particular about their investment risk exposure. To fill the gap between seed and early stage funding, some venture capitalists also act as angels when a deal does not fit their institutional fund criteria. It is a way for them to support a deal that they believe will be a success even though the company may be pre-revenue. Some angels also have investments in VC funds. Those typically have a higher starting level in the amount of money they will lend, but are also often more conservative in their lending habits.


Valhalla Angels is about best practices. We offer a range of industry specific Bootcamps, Deal Screening and Investor Forums to interested companies and entrepreneurs. All of our programs follow a strict due diligence process and our investor led forums have a robust follow-on reporting requirement.