Chapter Presidents: Host the forum and provide individual feedback following the forum
Randy Thompson – Calgary, Edmonton and Kelowna –
Randy Lennon – Phoenix
Anita Wortzman – Winnipeg –
Ryan Jackson – Medicine Hat –
Kim Scofiled – Prince George –

General Managers: coordinate the local logistics, take notes during the feedback portion of the forum and provide the goldsheet and feedback form to COO for distribution
Janelle Garner –Edmonton –
Hannah Cree – Calgary
Samantha Milligan – Kelowna –
Katrina Hinsberg – Phoenix –
Catherine Hamilton – Winnipeg –
Ashley de Nooij – Medicine Hat –

Deal Screening Team: work with the entrepreneurs to prepare for pitching at the forum as well as schedule the forum presentations for each chapter
Kristina Milke
Ryan Heit
COO: works with the entrepreneurs once they have passed deal screening, provide forum preparation information, issue invoices, gather forum information to distribute to general managers to print forum packages, manage MemberHub, distribute goldsheet and feedback forms following the forum
Heather Pontikes –