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Volition Deconstruction Day – Vancouver

February 6 @ 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Deconstruction Day will feature a full-day event with three different masterclasses, focused on B2B. The three Masterclasses are: Customers & Cash, Marketing & Metrics and Funding & Fundraising.
Customers and Cash
The single most critical success factor for any B2B start-up is its ability to sell. Investors know this, and is why they’re rigorously scrutinizing how close you are to “Revenue-Ready.”

In this Masterclass, Volition’s highly-experienced Sales & Money Modelling experts, Colin McWhinnie and Chris Stairs will teach you how to build a revenue engine that is predictable, manageable, scalable and profitable.

What you’ll learn:

A system to make money.
A system to budget your money-spend.
A system to help raise money.
Marketing and Metrics
Building a high-performance B2B marketing engine can be a difficult task when you aren’t sure how to map your customer journey, create an efficient marketing mix for your business needs or implement a conversion engine to fuel your business with high quality leads that will turn into recurring customers.

In this Masterclass, Volition’s full-stack Marketing expert, Mira Soullen will deconstruct integral startup marketing strategies into actionable steps and learn to assign metrics that will help measure success or detect signals for improvement.

You will learn:

How to detect if you have achieved product-market fit and are ready to scale.
Questions your team needs to answer to map an accurate customer journey.
Your unique marketing mix, i.e., picking the right channels of communication and distribution.
How to bake growth into your marketing engine.
The power of metrics, testing and innovation.
Marketing mindset and skills that your team will need to deliver strong results.
Funding and Fundraising
A critical success factor for many B2B start-ups is acquiring capital for growth. You are “Revenue-Ready” and have your Marketing & Metrics generating leads, with Sales converting, but you need funds to put “fuel on the fire” so you can scale.

In this Masterclass, Volition’s highly-knowledgeable Funding & Fundraising experts, Paul Brassard and Amyn Somani will teach you how to make sure you’re funding and/or investor-ready, and how to optimize your chances of success, with the highest results for your energy, time and bandwidth.

What you’ll learn:

How to strategize and optimize your funding cycle(s).
How to determine who you should target for funding.
What investors/funders are looking for and what you need to provide them.

Ticket Types:
Full day (all three Masterclasses): $150+tax ($125+tax for additional team members)
Customer and Cash: $65+tax
Marketing and Metrics: $65+tax
Funding and Fundraising: $65+tax
Attendees can attend any of the Masterclasses for an individual ticket price, or the entire day for the full day ticket price.

Chris Stairs & Colin McWhinnie (Customers & Cash)

Mira Soullen (Marketing & Metrics)

Paul Brassard & Amyn Somani (Funding & Fundraising)

9:00 – 9:30 | Doors Open (light breakfast + networking)
9:30 – 11:30 | Masterclass 1: Customers and Cash (Colin McWhinnie and Chris Stairs)
11:30 -12:30 | Lunch (provided)
12:30 – 2:30 | Masterclass 2: Marketing and Metrics (Mira Soullen)
2:30 – 3:00 | Networking and Snacks
3:00 – 5:00 | Masterclass 3: Funding and Fundraising (Paul Brassard and Amyn Somani)

What if I am not B2B – can I still come? Absolutely. The content for these Masterclasses is focused on B2B companies, however there are still a ton of takeaways and learning to be had and can be applied for B2C.

What stage should I be at for these masterclasses? To receive optimal value, you should be either seriously on the verge of selling and/or fundraising, already selling and/or fundraising, or just completed fundraising, as these Masterclasses will help you plan and strategize, increase your yield, or help you optimize your spend, respectively.

Is food provided? What if I have allergies? There will be a light breakfast, lunch (gourmet sandwiches and snacks) and mid-afternoon snack + coffee, tea, and water throughout the day. You will have an opportunity to note on your registration form if you have any allergies or food preferences.

How many people are in each masterclass? The maximum number of attendees for each class will be 20-25 people.
What if I only want to purchase two masterclasses? Each masterclass can be purchased separately for $65 per class, or you can purchase all three for $150 ($45 savings). If you want to purchase day passes for additional team members, they are $125 per ticket.

Is this a per person rate or do my co-founders come for free? This is a per person rate. For customized group rates of five people or more, please contact us at paul@volitionadvisors.com
What do I need to bring with me? Readiness and eagerness to learn.