Edmonton Chapter

Chapter President: Randy Thompson
Forum Coordinator: Sandra Spencer

Greetings from Edmonton!

As one of the cornerstone chapters in the Valhalla family, we have been honoured to support start ups and entrepreneurs for the last 15 years. The Edmonton Chapter has always prided itself on our ability to be available to the entrepreneurs in either a management, advisory or board capacity, as well as provide capital!

We look forward to seeing you in the Provinces Capital where our joint venture with TEC Edmonton has provided us unparalleled access to technology opportunities from the University of Alberta and Startup Edmonton. TEC has been very instrumental in supporting Valhalla, and because of the infrastructure support provided to Valhalla Angels, the Edmonton Chapter is the home of the Deal Screening process and Operations for all of the Valhalla Family.

Thank you to our members and to all our presenters that over the years has made this a successful chapter, to the point that Harvard University in 2012 chose Valhalla Angels as one of two organizations in Canada to be studied in an International study on Angel investing.

R Stewart Thompson
Chairman and CEO
Valhalla Private Capital

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