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August 16, 2017

Valhalla Private CapitalNew private capital organization emerges from angel network with $65M under management

(15 August 2017: Calgary, AB) Valhalla Private Capital – a full service corporate finance firm – will officially open its doors to investors and early stage entrepreneurs on August 15 in Edmonton and August 16 in Calgary.

Valhalla is a local success story with global reach. Founded in 2003 as a single city angel inves-tor group by 2014 Startup Canada Investor of the Year R. Stewart Thompson, building investor and startup ecosystems at home and abroad is hard-coded in Valhalla Private Equity’s DNA. Valhalla brings a team together that expands the VA Angels investor and entrepreneur facing enterprises together under one umbrella. At launch, Valhalla Private Capital has $12.5M CDN under management, but is on track to have that at $65m by November.

“Valhalla Private Capital is the realization of a vision,” said Mr. Thompson, Chairman and CEO of Valhalla Private Capital. “For too long venture capital has been the domain of large institutional investors. I have a much more democratic view. Valhalla is all about inviting all people who care about their local business climate into the VC realm, giving them the tools and opportunities to participate successfully in both investing or building some great companies.”

Valhalla Private Capital will focus on a five-pillar business model:

  • – Investor& Startup Programs – including the renowned BaseCamp offering, an exclusive investment seminar for startups where Mr. Thompson and other experienced investors provide insight from an investor’s perspective about how to understand how capital works.
  • – Angel Investing – ongoing operation of the 100+ member, five-chapter VA Angels network that has invested $48 million plus in more than 170 deals since inception.
  • – Family of Funds – The Old Kent Road fund and VA Angels Fund are targeting growth of $5 million a month and will have $65 million under active management by November 2017.
  • – Global Reach – continued outreach, advocacy, training and investor and startup ecosystem building in emerging economies around the world through its highly successful and well respected international arm, The Seed Global.
  • – M&A and Advisory Services – expanding on the foundations of Vario Ventures, a boutique mergers and acquisition firm focusing on entrepreneurs and specializing in identifying the right next step for small and medium companies and their investors

“We have very deliberately not used “equity” in our name as we believe investors and early stage entrepreneurs alike need tailored solutions and ownership is just one option, “said Valhalla executive Jan Lederman


“The angel world can sometimes feel like placing large Vegas-style bets” said VA Angels Presi-dent and Valhalla executive Kristina Milke,” but, at Valhalla, we believe a more sophisticated approach exists through our full suite of capital options coupled with education, training and ad-visory services.”

Valhalla Private Capital will host launch events for their new offices in Edmonton on August 15 and in Calgary on August 16. The investor and entrepreneur communities are invited to join the festivities and learn more. Visit for details.


For more information contact:

Valhalla Media:



Members of the media are invited to attend either launch event. Please call the media line to register. We can also make Mr. Thompson available for one-on-one interviews.

The Seed Global Returns to MEKONG / SOUTHEAST ASIA to continue startup collaboration in MYANMAR, CAMBODIA and LAOS

July 18, 2017

VA Angels international arm partnering with JE Austin,US State Department and Micro Empires

(18 July 2017: Yangon, Myanmar) The Seed Global, the international face of VA Angels, has returned to Southeast Asia to continue efforts to spur growth of a healthy angel investment in-frastructure and lay a foundation for a successful startup culture in the region.

“We have had great success over the past decade in helping to build startup and entrepreneur ecosystems both at home in Canada and around the world,” said R. Stewart Thompson, CEO and founder of VA Angels and 2014 Startup Canada Investor of the Year. “Our team at The Seed Global has earned a strong reputation in Mekong and Southeast Asia and we are proud to return to the region to further this important work.”

In partnership with Virgina-based JE Austin Associates – a strategy and management consul-tancy focused on developing and emerging economies, and The US State Department’s Tig-ers@Mekong program – an entrepreneurial ecosystem accelerator in the region, The Seed Global is currently in the middle of a ten-day trip to Yangon (Myanmar), Phnom Penh (Cambo-dia) and Vientiane (Laos) leading angel investor training, offering local entrepreneurs its re-nowned Base Camp program and meeting with leading local angels to seek out potential co-investment opportunities.

“One of the most satisfying parts of this return tour is the chance to continue to work with the Micro Empires accelerator and its second graduating cohort,” said Luke Krueger, President and co-founder of The Seed Global. “It’s exciting for us to have seen progress in the past year to the point where we are moving several local companies to the due diligence stage and we anticipate making our first formal investments in the region in the very near future.”

Micro Empires is an accelerator that has been supporting micro businesses development in Myanmar since 2012 with a mandate of leveraging cultural value into economic freedom for lo-cal entrepreneurs.

The former Canadian Ambassador to Myanmar, Ron Hoffmann, is taking notice of the efforts of VA Angels in the region.

“I am very impressed by the capacity building that Calgary-based VA Angels is undertaking in Myanmar’s innovation space. Budding Myanmar entrepreneurs have a vital role to play in con-tributing to the country’s economic and social development, and to create much needed jobs,” said Mr. Hoffmann. “I am delighted to see Canadian investors helping start-ups in this Southeast Asian nation that has so much promise. Both Canada and Myanmar will benefit by these exciting and forward looking partnerships.”

Workshop participant Tuan Anh Phan, a sophisticated investor and founder of the Ho Chi Minh-based Angels 4 Us network said, “This is by far the best Mekong Business Initiative workshop regarding angel investment that I’ve had the chance to attend.The VA Angels group from Cana-da provide practical knowledge and know how regarding building and managing angel invest-ment groups within the context of Mekong Area.”

The Seed Global is part of the VA Angels umbrella organization with a robust Canadian Angel investment network at its core. The network boasts more than 130 members in five chapters (Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Kelowna and Medicine Hat) and has invested over $44 million in 150+ deals since 2003. A core VA Angels offering, BaseCamp, is an exclusive investment seminar for startups where Mr. Thompson and other experienced investors provide insight from an investor’s perspective about how to successfully raise the right type of capital at the right value.

For more information contact:

Luke Krueger
President / co-founder, The Seed Global

Note for editors: Members of the VA Angels contingent at the famous Sule Pagoda in downtown Yangon. (L to R: Luke Krueger – president / co-founder The Seed Global, Sue Fawcett – Fawcett Financial, Paul Schofield – Director at Lignadus, Jan Lederman – President of Innovate Manitoba, Sandra Spencer – Executive Director of VA Angels BaseCamp, R. Stewart Thompson – CEO and founder of VA Angels).


July 13, 2017

Western Canada’s most active Angel network solidifies executive leadership

(10 July 2017 – Edmonton, Alberta) VA Angels is pleased to announce that Kristina Milke, a CA/CPA, veteran angel investor and experienced executive, has completed taking operational control of VA Angels and its employees. As President, Kristina assumes the day-to-day oversight and operational control of all aspects of VA Angels.

VA Angels is an umbrella organization with a robust Angel investment network at its core. The network boasts more than 100 members in five chapters (Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ke-lowna and Medicine Hat) and has invested over $47 million in 160+ deals since 2003.

“I have been privileged to work along side Kristina for a number of years and I know how much our organization and the communities we serve will benefit greatly from her expertise, leadership and drive,” said R. Stewart Thompson, CEO and Founder of VA Angels and 2014 Startup Canada Investor of the Year. “She inspires confidence in investors and entrepreneurs alike and this will be critical to our ongoing success as VA Angels continues to grow. Further, as she has already been effectively acting in the role for several months, any further transition will be seam-less.”

Kristina, also president of her own Edmonton-based CFO and business advisory consultancy K-Gar, is a Chartered Accountant with a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Alberta. She spent four years as Senior Vice President and operational GM of Investopedia during which she played a key role in marketing the company on behalf of its parent Forbes leading to it’s eventual sale to ValueClick. Other previous leadership roles include Corporate Divisional Controller for Intuit Canada as well as Divisional Controller and Ethics Officer for Spar Aerospace.

“I am passionate about the mandate. Helping educate and prepare start-up entrepreneurs to successfully pitch to our network of experienced angels is rewarding work and I’m proud to lead the high-quality team we’ve assembled at VA Angels,” said Kristina. “

For more information contact:

R. Stewart (Randy) Thompson
CEO / Founder, VA Angels

President, VA Angels

Kristina Milke

NACO Western Regional Angel Summit Partner Marketing

May 26, 2017

register pic

The National Angel Capital Organization is hosting its 2nd annual Western Regional Summit to
engage local Angels as well as Angel Investors from other parts of Canada and the U.S. This is
a unique opportunity to network and learn from your Angel colleagues, right in your backyard.

Why you should attend the Western Regional Angel Summit:

  • Create greater connectivity in the Angel Investor community
  • Build new relationships while strengthening existing ones
  • Enjoy networking opportunities and share best practices
  • Hear from four out of the top five Canadian Angel Networks
  • Showcase the Winnipeg innovation community

Featured sessions include:

  • Keynote from Patrick Lor, Managing Partner at 500 Startups
  • Common Docs: Structuring Deals and Term Sheets with Pieter Dorsman, President &
    CEO at Redpeaks Management Inc.
  • Best Practices for Angel Group Management with Mary Long-Irwin, Executive Director
    at Northern Ontario Angels
  • Best Practices for Angel Investors, with Manny Padda, 2016 Angel of the Year &
    Founder at New Avenue Capital