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We Can Help Puerto Rico!!

September 30, 2017

We Can Help Puerto Rico!! Be part of a Canadian team that preserves a Startup Ecosystem

Friends and Colleagues,

I want to share this opportunity with you, knowing that if your company was in jeopardy you would hope that compassionate entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem family would assist you too! Imagine trying to run your tech company with no power, and no way of getting your employees to the office. Imagine that you have no hope of completing projects, doing customer service, getting new clients, or getting paid because the infrastructure around you collapsed instantly. This is the situation for software companies in Puerto Rico.

International support of entrepreneurs has been a big part of what we do at Valhalla and we have been very fortunate to work in 15 countries last year. This all started for us in Puerto Rico. Through the Guayacan Accelerator program we have met 60 companies doing between $2m and $90m in business employing thousands of Puerto Ricans, and right now in Canada we can make a huge difference to their future.

In the next two days we will begin accepting donations to pay the travel, food, and lodging for up to 70 employees of these companies to come and work in Calgary for a number of months. We are hoping you will want to stand beside us and the incredible group at Aspen Propertieswho have donated a floor in the Edison Building in Calgary for this cause. Our goal is to raise $50,000 . Audacious yes, but you can have a hand in preserving the startup ecosystem in an emerging economy.

We are working with a NFP (Kensington Commons Church) to ensure your donation is deductible. But we are sending this now so we can gain expressions of interest so when the donation site goes live we can move quickly. Please email to participate.

Be part of something awesome! Remember our own flood and how amazing it was to feel the community come together. I hope you see this as your opportunity to pay it forward to another community in need.

Rod Brown, Danny Way, Kristina Milke, and Luke Krueger have all been to the island and have done business, been involved, and created friendships there. We want to thank you for considering this.

Watch Canada’s Next Billion Dollar Startup at The Accelerator Demo Day: Batch #2

September 6, 2017

The Accelerator works with Canadian entrepreneurs who are solving real problems by creating rapidly scalable technology. The Batch #2 startups have taken major steps forward with their businesses to prepare for investment. Demo Day will showcase these companies in front of accredited investors and celebrate all they have accomplished during the 5-month program.

How can you help? Listen to their pitches and provide feedback, connections and support to help them continue the momentum they built at The Accelerator.

Get tickets now!

The Accelerator Demo Day: Batch #2
Event Date: Monday, September 11 from 7:00-9:00pm
Event Location: Studio Bell, 850 4 Street S.E., Calgary, AB


August 16, 2017

Valhalla Private CapitalNew private capital organization emerges from angel network with $65M under management

(15 August 2017: Calgary, AB) Valhalla Private Capital – a full service corporate finance firm – will officially open its doors to investors and early stage entrepreneurs on August 15 in Edmonton and August 16 in Calgary.

Valhalla is a local success story with global reach. Founded in 2003 as a single city angel inves-tor group by 2014 Startup Canada Investor of the Year R. Stewart Thompson, building investor and startup ecosystems at home and abroad is hard-coded in Valhalla Private Equity’s DNA. Valhalla brings a team together that expands the VA Angels investor and entrepreneur facing enterprises together under one umbrella. At launch, Valhalla Private Capital has $12.5M CDN under management, but is on track to have that at $65m by November.

“Valhalla Private Capital is the realization of a vision,” said Mr. Thompson, Chairman and CEO of Valhalla Private Capital. “For too long venture capital has been the domain of large institutional investors. I have a much more democratic view. Valhalla is all about inviting all people who care about their local business climate into the VC realm, giving them the tools and opportunities to participate successfully in both investing or building some great companies.”

Valhalla Private Capital will focus on a five-pillar business model:

  • – Investor& Startup Programs – including the renowned BaseCamp offering, an exclusive investment seminar for startups where Mr. Thompson and other experienced investors provide insight from an investor’s perspective about how to understand how capital works.
  • – Angel Investing – ongoing operation of the 100+ member, five-chapter VA Angels network that has invested $48 million plus in more than 170 deals since inception.
  • – Family of Funds – The Old Kent Road fund and VA Angels Fund are targeting growth of $5 million a month and will have $65 million under active management by November 2017.
  • – Global Reach – continued outreach, advocacy, training and investor and startup ecosystem building in emerging economies around the world through its highly successful and well respected international arm, The Seed Global.
  • – M&A and Advisory Services – expanding on the foundations of Vario Ventures, a boutique mergers and acquisition firm focusing on entrepreneurs and specializing in identifying the right next step for small and medium companies and their investors

“We have very deliberately not used “equity” in our name as we believe investors and early stage entrepreneurs alike need tailored solutions and ownership is just one option, “said Valhalla executive Jan Lederman


“The angel world can sometimes feel like placing large Vegas-style bets” said VA Angels Presi-dent and Valhalla executive Kristina Milke,” but, at Valhalla, we believe a more sophisticated approach exists through our full suite of capital options coupled with education, training and ad-visory services.”

Valhalla Private Capital will host launch events for their new offices in Edmonton on August 15 and in Calgary on August 16. The investor and entrepreneur communities are invited to join the festivities and learn more. Visit for details.


For more information contact:

Valhalla Media:



Members of the media are invited to attend either launch event. Please call the media line to register. We can also make Mr. Thompson available for one-on-one interviews.