What are the benefits of joining an angel group?

More specifically what are the benefits of joining Valhalla Angels?

We are committed to providing you with a valuable experience in an honest, transparent, respectful, and mutually beneficial environment.

Member Benefits include:

  • Quality deal flow: Most investment groups often carry out the early­stage investing process with very little attention to important formalities. In contrast, Valhalla Angels has formed a diligent process that screens companies before they present to our membership. This ensures you see only the best deals at our forum.
  • Invest together: Options to directly make investments and/or participate in holding companies that share due diligence and pool resources.
  • Networking opportunities: Valhalla Angels is a community of Canada’s top angel investors. We will provide you with networking opportunities amongst our membership and amongst other like­minded, high­-net-­worth angel investors across North America.
  • Support: Our members understand the risks and rewards associated with early­stage funding and, when brought together during the monthly forums in the chapter cities and social activities, are able to strengthen ties of mutual interest, fellowship, and support.
  • Direct access: Members can pitch their own deals or investee companies to the Valhalla Angels selection process.
  • Exclusive access: Members see 70-90 high-quality, well­-screened investment opportunities each year.

Want to attend a forum? We are currently holding our forums virtually on the 2nd Tues of the month at 4:30 MTN/3:30 PST. Contact us for a personal invite

We hope to be back to in person forums soon.

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