Valhalla Angels Over A Decade of Deals

NACO released their 2019 annual report on angel investing on July 30, “A Decade of Deals”, which is a very comprehensive report on angel investing activity.  NACO has tracked over a billion dollars in investment in the last 10 years of which $146.6 million has come from Western Canada driven by Valhalla Angels. In 2019, $164 million of investment was reported with 13% coming from Western Canada of which 45% came from Valhalla Angels.

Valhalla Angels is pleased to be ranked 2nd in total number of deals and 4th in total $ invested for 2019 in the NACO report.  These rankings were based on 55 groups surveyed with 30 responding and 25 reporting investments. Valhalla is also pleased to have been in the top 5 for one or both categories since NACO began reporting these metrics in 2013. 

Since 2003, Valhalla Angels has been Bringing Founders and Investors Together for a total of $71.2 million invested and 269 deals of which 38 deals and $8.7 million were completed in 2019.

Outgoing Valhalla Angels President and NACO boardmember, Kristina Milke commented, “I am pleased to see our angel group ranked inthe top 5 as it is a great recognition of the hard work that our angel group hasput in not only in the last year but over the last decade.”

Valhalla Private Capital’s CEO, Randy Thompon wants to thank the entire Valhalla Angels team, sponsors, members and all the companies that have come through the process for their contribution to these great results.

How are things going for 2020?  We have seen 18 deals for $1.8 million in investment which represents 47% and 20% vs 2019, respectively. So deals are on track but the overall deal size has gone down vs 2020.  Our portfolio of companies can be found here.

In closing, angel investing plays a critical role in supporting economic growth through entrepreneurship which is needed today more then ever. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming forum!