Summer, A Season of Change at Valhalla Private Capital

With every season comes change, in summer we welcome longer days and warmer temperatures following a spring filled with new blossoms and rain. Just like the seasons of the year, companies also go through seasons of change. Valhalla like so many companies today, is in a season of change.  Over the course of the summer, four of Valhalla’s valued team members are moving on to new chapters in their entrepreneurial journey. We wanted to take this opportunity to let our community know about the changes so you can join us in wishing them all the best.

“Life is growth and growth requires change”

Ryan Heit who has lea Valhalla’s deal screening process for over 6 years, transforming the process into an art form, will be dedicating more time to his first startup that he co-founded in 2012, Pacylex. Pacylex is a biotech startup that specializes in the development of cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. As COO, Ryan is excited to help drive Pacylex’s through uncharted waters to achieve their next milestone.

Luke Krueger co-creator of our global program has travelled the globe sharing his knowledge and expertise on angel investing and entrepreneurship.  Luke was an integral part of our Vancouver expansion serving as co-chapter president while also growing the Calgary chapter. Luke is returning to a more hands on role as co-founder & CRO in the up and coming startup ICWhatUC, a support tool that simplifies customer-driven repairs using augmented video. COVID has significantly increased interest in the company and requires all hands-on deck for this season of growth and opportunity.

Kristina Milke has been a part of the angel investor scene since 2009.  Most recently she has worked tirelessly sharing her knowledge and expertise with entrepreneurs and founders across Canada as Valhalla Angels President. In 2018, Kristina co-founded the Sprout Fund that invests in seed and early stage companies. As one of the managing partners of the fund, Kristina has taken the natural progression moving from angel investing to more of a VC role. This role enables Kristina to spend more time working more directly and hands on with founders which is her biggest passion.

Heather Pontikes has been “the glue between the bricks” operationally plus she has created and disseminated all communications as marketing director for over 6 years. Heather is pursuing a rather different next step than her colleagues, labelling her departure as a sabbatical which may ultimately turn into retirement.  After 30+ years in the workforce with the last 11 years in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Heather is taking time to enjoy the fruits of her labour.   

Ryan, Luke, Kristina, and Heather will remain as shareholders of Valhalla Private Capital and participate as consultants on individual projects going forward. They are proud of the accomplishments that have been achieved over that last several years and will be cheering the company on through the next chapter.

Valhalla’s CEO Randy Thompson, stated, “I want to personally thank Ryan, Luke, Kristina and Heather for their passion and hard work in building Valhalla Private Capital’s strong foundation upon which we can continue to build the company over the years to come. Although this team will be greatly missed, change brings opportunity.”

“Change is the heartbeat of growth”

In that spirit, the transition of these team members from daily operations to shareholders means there is opportunity for fresh faces and fresh ideas within Valhalla Angels. Over the last 90 days, we have identified new leadership and partnerships that can seamlessly transition our original team into the next team. During the last month, Ryan, Kristina, Luke, and Heather have been working with these individuals, sharing knowledge, and reviewing how we interact with you our members, sponsors, friends of the forum and entrepreneurs. We are excited to share our news, but we are just finishing up the final details before we make any announcements.  

Watch our social media, website, or the September newsletter for the announcements.