Member Profiles

Valhalla Angels consists of accredited high net worth individuals who are interested in angel investments and individuals with experience in building out early stage companies.

Calgary Chapter

Chapter President: Randy Thompson
Forum Coordinator: Lynne Croker

Chapter Members

  • David Arthur
  • Abu Benna
  • Terry Booth
  • Michael Bosdet
  • Rod Brown
  • Chris Coben
  • Ken Cudmore
  • Matthew Cudmore
  • Graham Dobos
  • Phil Doublet
  • Sue Fawcett
  • Mark Francis
  • Brad Gauthier
  • Patricia Glenn
  • Matias Grum
  • Ian Hedgeland
  • Gil Hopkins
  • Derrick Hunter
  • Chris Jones
  • Anouk Kendall
  • Luke Krueger
  • Matthew Lee
  • Adam Martinson
  • Tanya Morales
  • James Ross
  • Cam Rustad
  • Paul Schofield
  • Neil Schramm
  • Rosalind Schramm
  • Brenda Slauko
  • Lew Turnquist
  • Sarah Vandaiyar
  • Danny Way
  • Glenn Yuen
  • Mike Yuzwa

“Valhalla Angels has truly transformed the start-up community in Alberta and across Western Canada. When I first began investing in early-stage companies, the quality of the opportunities was weak at best. Over the last ten years, the deals have gotten stronger, the entrepreneurs have become more sophisticated and the process has become much more professional. Valhalla Angels and the collective efforts of everyone around the Valhalla table each month has been a driving force in making this happen.”

– John Pinsent, FCA, ICD.D St. Arnaud Pinsent Steman Chartered Accountants

Edmonton Chapter

Chapter President: Randy Thompson
Forum Coordinator: Sandra Spencer

Chapter Members

  • Mark Benning
  • Jonathan Braams
  • Charlene Butler
  • Teruel Carrasco
  • Todd Carson
  • Michael Cohen
  • Lindsay Dodd
  • Mark Elgood
  • Darrel Ewaschuk
  • Kashmir Gill
  • John Graham
  • Eric Green
  • Ryan Heit
  • Scott Heit
  • Noreen Hoskins
  • Rose Kasamali
  • Doug Kroestch
  • Kirby Mack
  • Cody Marson
  • Davis McGregor
  • Kristina Milke
  • Craig Milne
  • John Pinsent
  • Heather Pontikes
  • Sandra Spencer
  • Zack Storms
  • Keren Tang

“As a Valhalla Angels member in Kelowna I’ve been able to connect with great early stage investment opportunities, meet like-minded investors, and even raise capital for my own business. Joining the group was a great decision and I look forward to being a member for a very long time.”

– Alex Miller Chief Executive Officer Visland Media Inc.

Kelowna Chapter

Chapter President: Grant Lawrence
Forum Coordinator: Jo Scofield

Chapter Members

  • Robert Adria
  • Mark Ameerali
  • Clive Bird
  • David Braumberger
  • Laurence Brockman
  • Scott Butler
  • Colleen Chapman
  • Stacey Copeland
  • Glen Cockwill
  • Don Davies
  • Bill Green
  • Ashik Karim
  • Henry King
  • Fritz Kipfer
  • Michael Macaulay
  • Warren MacPhee
  • Myles McGovern
  • Brad McDonald
  • Eric Miller
  • Samantha Milligan
  • Mark Montemurro
  • Michael Morin
  • Jim Mutter
  • Jason Neale
  • Nika Pidskalny
  • Brendon Peron
  • Don Silverman
  • Seth Stover
  • Kevin Viau
  • Kevin White
  • Kyle Wiltshire
  • Jerome Wowchuk

Vancouver Chapter

Chapter President: Luke Krueger and Grant Lawrence

Chapter Members

  • Paul Andreola
  • Charlo Barbosa
  • Slava Kandakou
  • Sumeet Kumar
  • Danni Liu
  • Fraser McGlenen
  • Richard Muller
  • Jack Ong
  • Danvir Roopra
  • Ron Segev
  • Gary Sooch
  • Graham Sorgard
  • Wade Tamblyn
  • Lannie Thielen
  • Jordan Trimble
  • Mark Zastre

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