Valhalla Angel Investor Members

Who Are the Valhalla Angels Members?

With over 125members spread across Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, and Vancouver our membership consists of individuals with varying backgrounds:

  • Accredited, high-net-worth investors.
  • Founders with experience growing early-stage companies.
  • Private equity investors.
  • Venture capitalists.
  • Corporate/institutional partners.
  • Resource partners and sponsors.

Our members are dedicated to building Western Canadian industry through early stage angel investing. Valhalla Angels members are respected leaders of industry, whether from building their own companies or by participating in numerous community initiatives.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Commitment to our members is our highest priority at Valhalla Angels. Outlined below is our commitment to you:

  • Quality deal flow: Most investment groups often carry out the early­stage investing process with very little attention to important formalities. In contrast, Valhalla Angels has formed a diligent process that screens companies before they present to our membership. This ensures you see only the best deals at our forum.
  • Invest together: Options to directly make investments and/or participate in holding companies that share due diligence and pool resources.
  • Networking opportunities: Valhalla Angels is a community of Canada’s top angel investors. We will provide you with networking opportunities amongst our membership and amongst other like­minded, high­-net-­worth angel investors across North America.
  • Support: Our members understand the risks and rewards associated with early­stage funding and, when brought together during the monthly forums in the chapter cities and social activities, are able to strengthen ties of mutual interest, fellowship, and support.
  • Direct access: Members can pitch their own deals or investee companies to the Valhalla Angels selection process.
  • Exclusive access: Members see 70-90 high-quality, well­-screened investment opportunities each year.

We are committed to providing you with a valuable experience in an honest, transparent, respectful, and mutually beneficial environment.