Kelowna’s Forbidden Spirits will soon have a patio and lounge Miriam Halpenny – Feb 5, 2020

Kelowna’s Forbidden Spirits Distillery will be expanding this summer, following the approval of a fully licensed lounge and patio.

After four and a half years creating the brand and building the space, the distillery began selling products and providing tastings at the beginning of 2019.

“We are a craft distillery located here in Kelowna that was built for one intended purpose, and that was to turn all the apples we have in our orchard into vodka,” says co-founder and CEO Blair Wilson.

“You can pretty much make vodka out of any type of sugar, and if you’re in the prairies you make your vodka out of wheat. If you’re in eastern Europe, it’s potatoes, if you’re in the Caribbean it’s sugarcane, and if you’re in Kelowna, there’s apples – and we’ve got lots of them.”  

Forbidden Spirits sells two types of vodka: A 25-times distilled Rebel Vodka and a 50-times distilled Forbidden Spirits Vodka, both made from B.C. apples.

Just recently, they also released an Adam’s Apple Brandy, and an Eve’s Original Gin is expected to hit shelves this summer.

While the tasting room is currently closed for the season, it will open to the public April 1, and the fully licensed patio and lounge will be operating by May 1.

“We’ve got this great tourism industry here in Kelowna, and people are looking for more things to do,” says Wilson. “Now they can come and enjoy our distillery but at the same time sit outside, relax, have something to eat and have something to drink.”

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