How to become an angel investor in Edmonton

Thank you Michelle Ferguson of Innovate Edmonton for this great article

A new initiative is encouraging first-time angel investors to get involved in the technology sector.

The Start-Up TNT Investment Summit brings together 20 to 30 investors, each investing $5,000 into a holding company that will fund one local early-stage company.

Organized by Zack Storms, organizer of Start-Up TNT: Thursday Night Tradition at Polar Park Brewing, the summit is meant to increase the amount of capital available to early-stage technology companies in Edmonton by increasing the pool of investors.

“It’s a very different animal — technology investing,” says Storms. “Even an experienced businessperson has a lot to learn when entering the space.”

Through his search for investors, Storms says he’s discovered there is an appetite for these types of gateway opportunities, where new investors can get acquainted with the sector.

“There are actually quite a few people that are interested in getting involved and are looking for an opportunity to do that – that’s what this summit is all about,” he says.

The capital raised is placed in a single purpose holding company that will ultimately be invested in one startup during the summit event on Feb. 20, 1-6 p.m., at Polar Park Brewing.