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 “Money follows good deals” although it sounds simplistic it truly summarizes which companies get funded.

Recently, Edmonton’s G2V Optics raised $1.875 million from Alberta-based angel investors. G2V’s financing was led by a group of angel investors via Radar Endeavour Group including Valhalla Angels members and joined by Accelerate II Fund (managed by Yaletown Partners with the support of The A100), Bluesky EquitiesAshif Mawji, Douglas Gray (NOM Investments), Dr. Ray Muzyka (ThresholdImpact), and Blaine LaBonte (DJI Capital).

Radar Endeavour Group Inc., a Valhalla Angels member, championed $800K (exceeding their $750K target) of the raise from both experienced and first-time tech investors who all came together to support the vision of the G2V Optics Inc. founder team. Darrel Ewaschuk, Co-Founder of Radar Endeavour Group Inc. stated, “Working with the team at G2V, we felt it was essential to give Albertans who are normally not exposed to early-stage hi-tech investments the opportunity to support and participate in such an exciting opportunity right in their backyard.”

“Money follows good deals” … whether you are an experienced or new investor.

When asked about the environment in Alberta for raising capital in an interview following the raise, Ryan Tucker, G2V Optics’ CEO stated that “Despite the economic uncertainty in Alberta right now, we continue to see investors step up to take advantage of technology opportunities with a global impact. Our ‘cleantech’ business is changing the game when it comes to the untapped potential of artificial intelligence and agriculture. This new funding helps us create the next generation of digital cultivation and forge more partnerships with new customers and investors.”

“Money follows good deals” … companies led by strong founders with vision and the ability to execute.

G2V has grown from research out of the University of Alberta and NRC’s National Institute of Nanotechnology to a private company that conducts business around the world. G2V and their vision has energized the angel investment community in Edmonton and across Alberta and we look forward to sharing in their journey.

“Money follows good deals” … is your company ready for investment? Our investors have the money if you have a good deal.

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Note:  The Quotes above are comments from Press Releases issued following the raise and were not comments made in direct context for this blog.

About G2V Optics:

G2V Optics is an emerging leader in smart lighting, monitoring, and data science solutions for advanced cultivation and solar research applications. G2V is committed to supporting controlled environment agricultural producers of food, spice, and medicinal crops to grow more using less – by maximizing output, chemistry, and efficiency with the proprietary Engineered Sunlight™ platform.

G2V is headquartered in Edmonton, Canada and is an established innovator in software-controlled, adjustable-spectra technologies for aerospace and solar energy applications. For more information come find us at www.g2voptics.com.

 About Radar Endeavour Group Inc. 

Radar Endeavour Group is a buy-and-build private equity group: we provide direct investment and operational help to companies. We support both early-stage companies with high-growth potential and established companies that need assistance in scaling their success. We consider companies in the IT space, with an interest in Artificial Intelligence, Software-as-a-Service, and Security sectors, as well as companies with protectable and scalable technologies.

Our direct investments range from $50K to $250K and we are proud to have established our Venture Capital model with G2V Optics as the first beneficiary.

We are also able to use our backgrounds in more traditional businesses to help start-ups overcome typical operational challenges when scaling an early-stage company: business development, finance, and organizational structure and development. www.goradargroup.com

Note:  The Quotes above are comments from Press Releases issued following the raise and were not comments made in direct context for this blog.

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