Callia provides the best bloom for your buck – now in Ottawa

The Canadian company, Callia Flowers is changing the way consumers shop for flowers. Now part of the two percent of women-owned start-ups that cross the million-dollar revenue mark, Callia Flowers inspires a unique way of delivering and buying bouquets.

Three years ago, Catherine Metrycki, wanted to send flowers to her recently promoted friend, and did not have the time to visit the grocery store or a florist. She needed a quick and easy option to order flowers and have them delivered.

The idea of an online flower shop came to mind and Callia was born. Just a few months later, she was in full service!

Starting out as a side gig, Metrycki did not expect her business to become bursting with orders. Callia Flowers rapidly became a fast growing, full time company, causing Metrycki to leave her corporate job.

Without any storefronts, Callia Flowers is completely online! Across Canada, teams carefully put together floral arrangements, guaranteeing quality from end to end. Callia Flowers promises fresh, and unique hand tied bouquets.

Callia Flowers is happy to announce Ottawa (the first city in eastern Canada) as their latest city to receive delivery.