iMirror in a number of retailers including Tommy Hilfiger

Nobal Technology’s iMirror is already in a number of big-name retailers including Tommy Hilfiger locations in London and Zurich, as well as Lovepop in New York. It aims to bring online commerce into the physical store.

Customers can take clothes into a touch-screen equipped change room, where they can request different colours and sizes on the spot. If it’s not available in store, you can have it shipped to your home.

“We bring the best parts of e-commerce and online shopping into a brick and mortar setting in a fitting room environment,” Pieter Boekhoff, CEO of Nobal Technology told Yahoo Finance Canada.

If you’re in a rush, the order can be sent to your phone to finish off later.

Boekhoff says moving to a small town at a younger age with his family, who opened a small retail store, helped steer him into retail.

“Basically, the entire world is consumers and retailers, so it’s fascinating,” said Boekhoff.

Read full article “Retails Next Act” by Jessy Bains is a senior reporter at Yahoo Finance Canada.