FOUNDER PROFILE: Ian Paterson, Purilock

“I’ve recommended Valhalla Angles to many other startup founders and CEOs” says Ian Paterson, CEO of Plurilock Security Solutions Inc., “and I plan to continue to do so.”

Ian reached out to Valhalla Angels early 2018 and proceeded through Vahalla’s structured deal screening process. After successfully being accepted, Ian pitched to Valhalla Angels in February and March at their chapters in Edmonton, Kelowna and Calgary.

Ian was pleasantly surprised as he says he did not know what to expect. “I wasn’t sure going into it exactly what the Valhalla Angel team was like,” adding that it ended up “being a very positive experience at all three forums. There was great engagement from the Valhalla group with insightful feedback.”

“I was duly impressed with the Valhalla process; the screening steps, the pitching experience in each of the chapters and the follow through results,” Ian stated, adding “with the multiple Valhalla chapters I was able to leverage my time and go through only one deal screening and I have the added benefit of coming back and giving update presentations in person.”

Valhalla Angels provides a multiple step deal screening process over a condensed period of time, involving seasoned and senior founders, many of whom are still operating their startup. Advice and insights are provided throughout this process to give the entrepreneur the optimum opportunity to succeed in front of the 100+ members. In addition, the Valhalla family provides unique training for founders and investors along, M&A advisory services and a series of funds. All are design to create a virtuous cycle for the entrepreneur where they get assistance right through to their liquidity events with the goal of having them then join as the Valhalla team and provide their guidance and capital as a Valhalla angel to other founders.

Providing regular emails and e-updates directly to the Valhalla Angel members and through the Valhalla Angel’s website, Ian has been able to raise additional funds and extend his network through to key people in the US and Canada via introductions by Valhalla’s members.

In contrast to other forums, Ian says they, “raised more funds from Valhalla than at other Angel events” Paterson says “it is a very professional organization.”