Waggers Launches Convenient Alternative to Raw Food Diets for Dog – Waggers TenderMoist Dog Food

Waggers, Inc. is proud to introduce Waggers TenderMoist Dog Food – its new starch-free, soft and moist dog food, developed for small breed dogs. This follows on the heels of their successful launch of TenderMoist cat food in 2014 – now available at pet specialty stores across North America. Waggers TenderMoist cat and dog foods are unlike anything else on the market, combining the benefits of wet or raw diets with the convenience of dry kibble.

Free of both starches and grains, this all-natural, premium dog food contains over 90 percent animal protein ingredients, less than twelve percent carbohydrates, and up to 30 percent moisture (three times that of dry kibble). It is the first starch-free, high meat, low-carb, semi-moist dog food available in the world today…


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